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Cherry Blossom Tree Snow Globe


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Find some peace of mind on these hectic days with a few shakes of the cherry blossom snow globe. The globe represents a scenic spring scene with two delicious cherry trees that bloom every time you shake the globe well.

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Product Details

They resemble the decorative accessories from the Home and Community Department of our American History Museum.


  • With a slight movement of this exquisite ball and a quick reading of the seasonal haikai engraved on the base, you can relive that ‚Äúbeautiful day‚ÄĚ or anticipate the return of the desired season.¬†
  • Spring Waterglobe's graceful cherry trees spill their flowers onto the landscape bridge.¬†
  • Resin, glass.¬†
  • 5 "x 4" dia.¬†

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