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Cigar Holding Glass


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Avoid whenever you want to wet your whistle, smoke, drink from that cigar glass. This indispensable home bar has been ergonomically designed to securely hold your favorite cigar in place.

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Product Details

Two lathes device. A cigar lover's dream. Part of the glass, part of the cigar stand, the Cigar Glass allows you to simultaneously hold a drink and a cigar in one hand without pulling your fingers. Perfect for parties in the courtyard, your male cave and wherever you want to smoke and have a drink of something soft.


  • Integrated cigarette holder - Ergonomically designed to hold your favorite cigar safely and prevent it from slipping or falling. 
  • Whiskey glass included - Each compartment has a double glass of old whiskey. your favorite drink. 
  • Handmade with care, just like your cigar. Each glass is handcrafted from high quality glass, which means that each one is as unique as you are. 
  • Made of durable glass - cigar glass, like all Corkcicle products, is made of only the best and most durable materials. 

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