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Clay Planter Hidden Cat Litter Box


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Make your home more presentable to everyone who comes by placing Mr. Whiskers’ sand tray inside this stylish clay planter.¬†The hollow bottom of this wonderfully designed planter will hide a dull litter box while adding natural beauty to the home.

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Product Details

The hidden sandbox is the largest of the hidden sandboxes. A bathroom drawer for people looks like a pan when facing the corner of the wall. Your pets will be able to crawl to the base of the planter and use it as a litter box with great privacy. The base can also be covered with sheets to replace the pet's bed. Ventilated design and dust and odor control filter! Supplied complete with plant, filter and moss, simply adding bedding. Durable polypropylene construction. The large-capacity pot is great for large cats and families with multiple cats. Dimensions without plan: 20 "wide, 19 3/4" high. Sizes with plan: 20 "wide by 55" high. Due to its size and / or weight, this item will only be shipped by ground service.


  • The large cat litter box looks like a real clay pot.¬†The plants and their parts are located between the upper and lower sections of the litter box.¬†
  • Made of durable polypropylene.¬†
  • The filtered ventilated system works to combat dust and odors.¬†
  • Designed for large cats and families with multiple cats.¬†
  • Height of 42 inches with plan;¬†1 year limited warranty.¬†

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