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Cloud Ceiling Lamp


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Increase the level of serenity in your room by creating extravagant ambient lighting with this cloud ceiling lamp. This decorative light not only gives life to the soft decor of your room, but also emits a soft white glow that gives this fluffy cloud an incredible depth.

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Product Details

Contemporary Style This art chandelier is inspired by nature, it looks like clouds floating in the sky, graceful and relaxed, the perfect complement to your home decor. Charming environment The perfect amount of light for cooking or daily activities! This chandelier was designed so that a soft and balanced light fills your living room, dining room or kitchen with warm light and a charming atmosphere. Easy installation. The reinforced roof plate can be fixed to the roof, a strong and thin wire that you can barely pay attention to, there is one that connects to the junction box, at the same time it is very easy to convert it into a pendant light. Projection type: fabric chandelier Lamp shape: äº'æœµå Šç ¯ Radiated area: 10ã¡-15㎡ Main lamp materials: polymer lampshade materials: polymer light source: incandescent / energy saving / fluorescent lamps / halogen / LEDs: Handmade lamps, with or without light sources: Without light source Power: 51W (Included) -60W (Included) Voltage: 111V ~ 240V Included ‰ Applicable space: Living room / Restaurant / Study / Bedroom / Bar / Pub / Café / other Style: Simple modern


  • ❶. An artistic-inspired chandelier that uses a resin material to create the appearance of a real cloud is definitely one of the most exclusive pieces of furniture in your furniture to get everyone's attention. 
  • ❷. Over 95% light transmission, the light is smooth and uniform, you can choose different colors of lamps to decorate it. 
  • ❸. Suitable for any place, living room, dining room, bedroom, bar, cafe. It can also be used for any holiday decor, weddings, family dinners, Valentine's Day, Christmas. This is definitely a surprise. 
  • ❹. Material: Material of the luminaire body: Polymer / Lampshade: Polymer / 60 cm (24 inches) in diameter. 
  • ❺ Voltage compatible worldwide - 110 V or 240 V and everything in between - use the appropriate lamp voltage. 
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