Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug


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Everyone loves poop humor.¬†Then whip everyone in the break room over your morning roast in this “I pooped coffee” mug.¬†Made of high quality ceramic, it is shaped like a big, healthy brown poop and holds up to 14 ounces of your favorite drink.

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  • AMAZING COFFEE MUG: Watching someone drink from BigMouth Inc.'s Golden Throne bathroom mug will make you smile.¬†This 10 ounce coffee mug is a great way to start the day.¬†It can be used for coffee, tea, ice cream or as a form of sweets.¬†
  • PERFECT FOR HOME OR OFFICE: This stupid bathroom-shaped mug will make your colleagues take care of everything.¬†It is the perfect complement to your collection of coffee cups at home, a must-have for the office and the perfect mug for when you need to laugh.¬†
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This high-quality ceramic mug has a fun sense of grandeur that will surely delight any coffee or tea lover who doesn't like coffee.¬†It can also be used to make a great ice cream or candy, suitable for all ages!¬†
  • HIGH QUALITY: This fun and unique coffee cup is made of high quality ceramic and hand painted to look like a toilet bowl.¬†Do not use a microwave oven.¬†Fortunately, it is much easier to clean than a real bathroom - just wash it by hand and save it for later use.¬†
  • BIGMOUTH INC: We are the creative force behind an exclusive line of fun, innovative and high quality pieces.¬†Our specialty is a variety of original and humorous products for pranksters of all ages.¬†