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Coin Of The Faceless Man


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Leave your dark life behind and travel to Bravos in hopes of joining the ranks of a guild of secretive and elite assassins with the faceless man’s coin.¬†Forged from steel, this exquisite hand-engraved collectible is the perfect gift for any Game of Thrones fan.

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Product Details

Officially licensed iron coin of the faceless man: A coin given to Arya Stark by Jaqen H'gar, who helps her escape to Bravos. In the story, it is used as a symbol of recognition for the secret assassins' guild. In the real world, this is the currency that George uses and gives the cast and crew when he visits filming locations. Fans use them as challenge tokens and game tokens, as well as sensory elements in the engaging fantasy genre. It has a diameter of 27 mm and weighs 6 grams of pure metallurgical iron with an aged and waxed finish. It is housed in a colorful collectible card, protected by a plastic box. These items are designed to be used continuously and will acquire a beautiful "shine" by constantly rubbing other items in your pockets. Watch out for fakes! This popular currency has spawned at least five known counterfeits, which are believed to have been made in China. All fakes are large, made of molten zinc alloy, contain lead and are not magnetic. If you buy a performance from Shire Post Mint, you can be sure that we are the manufacturer of this coin and that it is a genuine licensed item. If you receive a coin issued by another seller that does not match the description above, it may be counterfeit. In that case, you must report the replacement to Amazon. If you respect George RR Martin's creative masterpiece, don't buy fakes and report them whenever you see them.


  • Officially licensed by George RR Martin.¬†
  • Currency used in the story of Arya Stark.¬†
  • Minted in steel matrixes engraved by hand in metallurgical grade pure iron.¬†
  • Tinted and waxed finish.¬†
  • One inch in diameter, weighing just six grams, easy to carry and hide.¬†

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