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Collapsible Beer Glass


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Be prepared to throw one out at any time like a true alcoholic while carrying this folding beer glass with you. Whenever the opportunity arises to enjoy a beautiful cold glass, all you need to do is snap your wrist and your faithful glass will magically expand before your eyes.

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Product Details

Put a beer in your pocket and you're ready to have it whenever you want. Just rotate your wrist and the glass will magically expand. Pour. Appreciate. Port-a-Pint comes in its own storage box. Packed in colorful gift boxes.


  • Put a beer in your pocket and you're ready to hit it whenever you want.¬†
  • Just shake your wrist and the cup will magically expand.¬†
  • Once it expands magically, just serve and enjoy.¬†
  • Perfect for camping, festivals, parties and life on the go.¬†
  • Comes with a handy storage case so you don't have to worry about getting lost or damaged during your adventures.¬†

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