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Collapsible Shot Flask


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Get high on the go with the foldable shot bottle. The collapsible shot bottle has a collapsible metal shot glass that fits on the side of the bottle, so you can enjoy the beautiful and easy-to-swallow bottle at any time of the day.

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Product Details

Shot Flask is a bottle for drinking with a twist. In addition to high-quality stainless steel and leather wrap, the shot bottle contains a hidden cup to allow you to serve an accurate 2-ounce serving anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the foldable design, the glass can be flattened for compact storage and easily expanded for a more pleasant drink. A shot bottle is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, or to get into a bottle that is finally worth showing off. For your health!


  • Shot Flask is the world's first beverage bottle with a built-in folding glass. 
  • The bottle contains 8 ounces of liquor or liquid of your choice - the stainless steel glass contains 2 ounces
  • The shot bottle is easy to clean and store, so you'll always be ready for your next adventure. 
  • The perfect update for your old bottle is a great gift for those who don't like shopping, for the people in their life
  • The bottle comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty . 

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