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Collapsible Silicon Bucket


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Make the most of your home’s limited storage space by exchanging your bulky bucket for this folding silicone bucket.¬†The bucket has a durable non-porous silicone body that folds from 25 to 5 cm, making it ideal for condos and camping sites.

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Product Details

Store all types of items in the blue folding silicone bucket from Southern Homewares. This compact bucket folds up when not in use. The compact design is ideal for storage in areas with limited space. Take one of these buckets with you when washing your car, going to the beach, camping or wherever you need to take your belongings. The folding bucket is great for travel and vacations! When empty, just press the top of the bucket and let each layer fold. The bucket holds up to 2.65 gallons (10 liters). Expanded bucket dimensions: top 13 "wide, 10" high. The collapsed bucket measures 13 inches wide at the top by 5 inches high.


  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: The transport handle makes it easy to transport the bucket when needed.¬†Once emptied, the bucket becomes compact and folds for easy storage.¬†
  • GREAT CAPACITY!¬†- With a capacity of up to 2.65 gallons / 10 liters - perfect for watering plants, washing vehicles, fishing or whatever you can imagine!¬†
  • COMPACT!¬†- Press the bucket down to make it more than 75% smaller than when fully expanded!¬†
  • STRONG SILICONE!¬†- Durable non-porous silicone makes the foldable storage bucket perfect.¬†
  • DIMENSIONS - Unfolded: 13 "wide at the top by 10" high / folded: 13 "wide at the top by 2" high.¬†

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