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Color Changing Bath Light


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Make your next immersion more relaxing than ever by placing this color changing lamp in your bathtub. This small battery-powered flashlight lets you choose from sixteen vibrant colors that you can easily switch using the convenient remote control.

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  • The GlowTub is made of durable ABS plastic and has a rubber seal that wraps around the light and keeps the suction cup in place.¬†This new accessory now has 2 seals to keep water out of the accessory!¬†** Tighten the cover every few days to keep it closed.¬†Also remove from water when not in use.¬†
  • A suction cup connected to the back of the luminaire allows the light to be connected to the side of the bathtub.¬†This allows the light to pass through the water and illuminate the entire bath.¬†Only one light will illuminate the bath water and you can add bubbles for a great effect!¬†
  • It has 10 super bright LED lights built into the remote control to change the color of the light.¬†LED lamp size: 2.7 "x 1.1".¬†This light can be used for other purposes, such as flower pot, mood lighting, hot tub, pool, fountains, etc., wherever you can attach it!¬†
  • This waterproof bath light is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).¬†The light has 16 different static colors to choose from, and you can also set it to fade or transition between colors.¬†It also includes a strobe effect!¬†The remote control is splash-proof.¬†

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