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Computer Rear View Mirror


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Minimize the chances of your boss catching you at work by placing this computer’s rear view mirror on your laptop or desk. With this handy accessory, you can easily locate anyone walking behind you.

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  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FOR YOU - Be 100% environmentally conscious with a premium table mirror. The protective mirror can be adjusted in any direction, providing any necessary viewing angle. 
  • MIRROR WITH CLIP - no more unpleasant surprises. The portable mirror can be used as an office mirror or in-cabin mirror for multi-purpose surveillance. work desks, work benches, car rear seat monitoring, baby strollers or even doors for a quick overview of the rear environment. 
  • READY TO USE MONITOR MIRROR - Thanks to the convenient docking design, the computer table mirror is very easy to install - dock it and adjust the angle, dock tables, cabinets, cabin and monitor computer. 
  • CUBE RELEASE MIRROR - To avoid scratching the monitor when using it, the protective mirror has a very thick foam rubber in a durable clip. The plug-in mirror is equipped with a high-quality plastic support and hinge for long life, 100% long-term reliability. 
  • 100% MONEY RETURN GUARANTEE - At Peleg Design we fully support our products and offer you a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like our mirror or are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money. NO QUESTIONS! 

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