Cool Weapons

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  • Hand Forged Samurai SwordHand Forged Samurai Sword 1

    Hand Forged Samurai Sword

    Join the ranks of the greatest warriors in history with the hand of a samurai sword forged just for you. You can customize everything from the material of the blade to its length, before being forged by master craftsmen using traditional techniques.

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  • Mini Toothpick CrossbowMini Toothpick Crossbow 1

    Mini Toothpick Crossbow

    Drop hell over your co-workers with the mini toothpick crossbow. This extremely fun and potentially irritating weapon has a sturdy stainless steel frame, a spacious chamber for storing extra ammunition and a range of more than 80 feet.

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  • Gun Concealment FurnitureGun Concealment Furniture 1

    Gun Concealment Furniture

    Change your constitutional right to carry a gun in your home – discreetly – with this line of furniture to hide weapons.┬áWith a discreet design perfect for any home, you can hide your firearm anywhere, from the bedside table to a coat rack.

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  • The Carcass Splitter Cleaver

    The Carcass Splitter Cleaver

    Cut the thicker pieces of meat as if they were ghee with a butcher knife.┬áWhether you’re a butcher, a predator, or trying to escape a horde of hungry zombies, this complete 2 ‘+ tail cleaver is just what you need.

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  • Handmade Viking Throwing AxeHandmade Viking Throwing Axe 1

    Handmade Viking Throwing Axe

    Feel like a powerful Nordic warrior while sharpening your target with this handmade Viking throwing ax. This well-made throwing ax comes with a sharp D2 carbon steel blade, a beautiful rosewood handle and even a leather sheath for easy transport.

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  • DIY Wood Crossbow KitDiy Wood Crossbow Kit 1

    DIY Wood Crossbow Kit

    Now you can buy a real work beast by building it yourself with this DIY kit.┬áThis perfect birthday gift or sock fill comes with everything you need to create a 12 “by 12” wooden crossbow that fires small wooden rockets from up to 3 meters away.

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  • M48 Cyclone Knife Limited Edition Series

    M48 Cyclone Knife Limited Edition Series

    Introducing the M48!┬áThe 8 ” diameter 2Cr13 cast stainless steel blade has been transformed into a spiral design masterpiece, operating at temperatures up to 1030 degrees, giving 48HC.┬áThree helical cutting edges create an incredibly sharp punch point!

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  • ZKZM-500 Laser Assault Rifle

    ZKZM-500 Laser Assault Rifle

    Bullets may one day become obsolete if this ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle becomes a signal. This innovative Chinese-made weapon is about the same size as the AK-47 and is capable of igniting targets from up to half a mile away.

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