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  • A spare fire ax is a tool that no traveler or adventurer should be without. This compact ax is just over 12 inches long and has a sharp five-inch blade, complete with a black linen micarta handle that is easy to use.

  • The M48 Cyclone boom is very different from the old copies. The boom has a total length of 48 7/8 “, a fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle and a cast stainless steel blade with three sharp spiral edges.

  • Keep an ace up your sleeve in case you run out of supplies with the Axxis pocket ax. Inspired by the arrowheads of ancient humans, this enhanced version can be used for a variety of tasks, such as cutting fins or hunting for the next meal.

  • The Estwing Reverse Saw Blade Machete is the perfect outdoor survival tool. It features a sharp powder-coated steel blade complete with an offset serrated saw and a patented shock reduction handle that reduces shock vibration by up to 70%.

  • The Honshu Boshin Katana has an incredibly sharp 1060 high carbon steel blade, full tail and high carbon content, which is just over 30 inches and can literally cut a concrete block like a hot butter knife. Let’s talk about bullying!

  • Keep an ace up your sleeve if you are faced with the challenge of survival with this versatile ax. It features an all-steel S7 construction and includes many useful tools, such as a harness knife, a lever and a hammer.

  • Give yourself a chance to fight in an emergency, making sure your versatile survival tool is close to you. It comes with a shock-absorbing handle and is equipped with a variety of tools, such as folded ax, wrench, hammer, bar chain hook and more.

  • Hypnotize your enemy with stunning beauty before destroying him with this rainbow ninja weapon. The blades of this attractive weapon have an iridescent surface that exhibits a multitude of incredible colors.