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  • Werewolf Vampire Zombie Killing KitWerewolf Vampire Zombie Killing Kit 1

    Werewolf Vampire Zombie Killing Kit

    Werewolves, vampires, zombies – it doesn’t matter – nothing can stop you from killing the supernatural when you have this useful weapon. In the shape of a wooden stake, into which silver bullets are inserted, this is an indispensable item for any sensible doomsday stove.

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  • ZKZM-500 Laser Assault Rifle

    ZKZM-500 Laser Assault Rifle

    Bullets may one day become obsolete if this ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle becomes a signal. This innovative Chinese-made weapon is about the same size as the AK-47 and is capable of igniting targets from up to half a mile away.

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  • Zombie Slayer AxeZombie Slayer Axe 1

    Zombie Slayer Axe

    Ensure your survival while traveling the chaotic streets with the zombie slayer ax in your hands. If the sharp end of the ax does not reach them the first time, the iron-tipped English punches are sure to finish the job.

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  • SOG Throwing Knife Set

    SOG Throwing Knife Set

    Increase your chances of hitting your target with this SOG throwing knife set. Each stainless steel knife expertly crafted in this set features a fully balanced spearhead design and is complemented by a paracord-wrapped handle for better grip.

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  • Self Defense Steel BraceletSelf Defense Steel Bracelet 1

    Self Defense Steel Bracelet

    Stay safe and stylish while walking the streets of the suburbs wearing accessories with a steel self-defense bracelet. It is just over 40 inches long and can be used as a bracelet, belt chain, necklace or a very painful whip.

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  • Personalized Ninja Sword

    Personalized Ninja Sword

    Awaken your inner warrior and keep your ninjutsu skills sharp with this custom ninja sword. This magnificent and deadly weapon is equipped with a shiny iridescent blade that can be engraved with a name or phrase of your choice.

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  • 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit19th Century Vampire Killing Kit 1

    19th Century Vampire Killing Kit

    Your little princess has finally come of age, which means one thing – teenage pedophile vampires. And the only way to avoid the attacks of these immortal sparks is to buy one of these fully functional kits to kill vampires.

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  • Meteorite PistolsMeteorite Pistols 1

    Meteorite Pistols

    Be the envy of everyone at your local NRA office when you show up with these meteor pistols. These twin pistols of 1911 are made from the Gibeon meteorite, which fell to Earth approximately 4.5 billion years ago.

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