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  • Tactical Blowgun

    Tactical Blowgun

    Gain technological supremacy in your imaginary war with the tactical blowgun at your disposal. Unlike the weak NERF pistol that other children have, this blowgun powered by their powerful lungs launches foam darts up to 30 meters!

    (1170 reviews)
  • Adventure Mate 5-In-1 Survival Tool

    Adventure Mate 5-In-1 Survival Tool

    Meet Adventure Mate-V2 – the best friend of outdoor enthusiasts. The compact design of this versatile 5 in 1 survival tool allows it to be turned into a shovel, hammer, saw, ax and even a tent hook, making it an indispensable camping spot.

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  • Scorpion Fantasy Knife

    Scorpion Fantasy Knife

    Although the Scorpion Fantasy knife is not very useful in combat, it is the perfect display for any human lair or cave. This 15 “long ornate scorpion is adorned with 12 sharp stainless steel blades, the largest of which measures 5.5”.

    (811 reviews)
  • Marshmallow Bazooka

    Marshmallow Bazooka

    Throw some delicious snacks in the mouths of enemies or even friends with a marshmallow bazooka by your side. This air-powered bazooka may look small, but it is capable of shooting thick marshmallows from up to 12 meters away!

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  • Multi-Tool AxeMulti Tool Axe 1

    Multi-Tool Axe

    Keep an ace up your sleeve if you are faced with the challenge of survival with this versatile ax. It features an all-steel S7 construction and includes many useful tools, such as a harness knife, a lever and a hammer.

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  • Medieval Batman ArmorMedieval Batman Armor 1

    Medieval Batman Armor

    Before the Dark Knight wore his high-tech costume, the great ancestor of his dragons and wizards in Batman’s medieval armor. The specially designed bat helmet is complemented by a complete set of armor with a Batman metal logo stamped on the front.

    (910 reviews)
  • 11-In-1 Survival Gear Kit

    11-In-1 Survival Gear Kit

    This 11 in 1 survival kit is a great addition to any backpack or bag. It has a compact and well thought out design that makes it highly portable and complete, with everything from a 3-mode flashlight and fire igniter to a multifunctional saber.

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  • Triple Barrel Shotgun

    Triple Barrel Shotgun

    Ensure your survival after the undead take over humanity with a triple-barreled shotgun. With three times the stopping power of a traditional shotgun, you can easily destroy zombies, even without using the “double tap” rule.

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