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  • Tsume Blade

    Tsume Blade

    In terms of form and function, the attractive Tsume blade from Tekto Gear is definitely your new knife to carry every day. This perfectly balanced fixed blade knife features a distinctive 5 ” D2 curved steel blade that makes it ideal for any task.

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  • Ranae Military Field KnifeRanae Military Field Knife 1

    Ranae Military Field Knife

    If you are going to the countryside, be sure to take the Ranea military knife with you. Built for the ultra-elite brotherhood of Danish frogs, this field knife features a 5.5-inch N690 Cobalt stainless steel blade edged with a serrated edge.

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  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete Brass Knuckles

    Ctrl-Alt-Delete Brass Knuckles

    Respect the IT department in the office with these English punches Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Available in one of four finishes, this stylish accessory is the perfect accessory for any stylish PC fan.

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  • Bottle Cap Gun

    Bottle Cap Gun

    Do not throw away bottle caps as you can now recycle them into valuable ammunition! With the ability to remove bottle caps over 5 meters at the touch of a button, you can irritate anyone in the room from the comfort of your seat.

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  • Hidden Belt Buckle Knife

    Hidden Belt Buckle Knife

    Stay sharp – literally – with the hidden belt buckle knife. This premium leather belt not only keeps your pants on, but also protects you as you wander around the city designs with a sharp knife hidden behind a discreet belt buckle.

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  • Paintball Machine Gun

    Paintball Machine Gun

    Ensure your victory on the battlefield with the relentless paintball machine gun. A battle-proven tripod mounts a 8-mm, 8-pound paintball machine gun with more than 30 pounds with an adjustable electronic trigger that can fire a semi-automatic, fully automatic three-shot burst.

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  • Forearm Ammo SleeveForearm Ammo Sleeve 1

    Forearm Ammo Sleeve

    Once the zombies get up, things like the ammo sleeve on their forearm will become as vital to their survival as the water. Excellent for hunting and shooting, the sleeve holds up to eight shells with 1-inch elastics so they are always on hand for quick refills.

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  • Non-Lethal Pepper Spray Self Defense GunNon Lethal Pepper Spray Self Defense Gun 1

    Non-Lethal Pepper Spray Self Defense Gun

    Stop criminals by protecting your home and family with the pepper spray gun s1. Instead of traditional bullets, the s1 fires pepper spray and tear gas, instantly incapacitating its target. Use the code IMBROKE and get 10% discount!

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