Cool Weapons

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  • Real Human Tibia Bone SwordReal Human Tibia Bone Sword 1

    Real Human Tibia Bone Sword

    Attack fear in the heart of any enemy with this real human tibia sword. This magnificent and deadly 46-inch weapon has a sharp 4.7 mm blade, complemented by a skillfully sculpted tibia handle.

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  • Bear Claw Meat ForksBear Claw Meat Forks 1

    Bear Claw Meat Forks

    Treat steak, chicken and other meats like the barbarian warlord you really are with these meat claws in the shape of a bear claw. Bear claw forks are great for barbecue and a great gift for dad or for people who like to tear food violently.

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  • Scorpion Fantasy Knife

    Scorpion Fantasy Knife

    Although the Scorpion Fantasy knife is not very useful in combat, it is the perfect display for any human lair or cave.┬áThis 15 “long ornate scorpion is adorned with 12 sharp stainless steel blades, the largest of which measures 5.5”.

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  • The 5.11 Compact Tactical Axe

    The 5.11 Compact Tactical Axe

    Whether you work at work or outdoors, the 5.11 Compact Tactical Ax is a must-have. Despite its compact size, it is equipped with a variety of useful and rescue tools, from the pry bar to the waffle-textured hammer head and sharp blades.

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  • Handmade Japanese SwordHandmade Japanese Sword 1

    Handmade Japanese Sword

    Defend your castle like a real samurai armed with one of the real wakizashi swords. This handmade sword is forged from spring steel, tempered for greater durability and sharpened like a razor.

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  • The Golf Ball CannonThe Golf Ball Cannon 1

    The Golf Ball Cannon

    Tired of hitting a golf ball with your golf club? Send balls into the air in a whole new way, launching them with a golf ball cannon! This black powder cannon features a 1018 steel barrel, brass fittings and an elegant oak carriage.

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  • Revolver Gun Knife

    Revolver Gun Knife

    Deceive everyone by making them think you are losing heat with a revolver knife.┬áArtistically disguised as a classic revolver – with wooden handle and sheriff’s badge – it folds into a unique, functional and decorative knife.

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  • Self Defense Money Clip

    Self Defense Money Clip

    Get ready for any nasty street with a money clip for self-defense. In addition to being carefully folded, the dough has a built-in finger hole that allows it to be used as a brass knuckle, perfect for inflicting pain.

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