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  • USB Powered BB Sniper Rifle

    USB Powered BB Sniper Rifle

    The USB powered BB sniper rifle allows you to hit almost any target with extreme precision. After loading the BB into the rifle, simply connect it to the computer, enter the coordinates and shoot! Even if you are not good at shooting, your computer guarantees that you will always hit the target.

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  • Wild Turkey Fixed Blade Tracker KnifeWild Turkey Fixed Blade Tracker Knife 1

    Wild Turkey Fixed Blade Tracker Knife

    The Wild Turkey fixed blade tracking knife is a great addition to any hunter or nature lover’s arsenal. This handmade knife features a 9-inch high-carbon steel blade and a 5.5-inch wooden handle. It even comes in its own leather case.

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  • Zombie Apocalypse Glass CabinetZombie Apocalypse Glass Cabinet 1

    Zombie Apocalypse Glass Cabinet

    Avoid the ice claws of death after the spread of the infection, protecting your loved ones with the showcase of the zombie apocalypse. When hell explodes, you can count on the contents of this priceless closet to help you live up to the new day.

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  • Skull Knuckle Knife

    Skull Knuckle Knife

    Whoever said not to pick up a knife in a shootout has clearly never seen a pocketknife. A sharp 8-inch high-quality stainless steel blade rests on a demonic-looking zinc alloy skull handle and comes with a custom nylon sheath.

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  • Manticuda Tactical Defense Knife

    Manticuda Tactical Defense Knife

    Make sure you can handle a variety of daily tasks with ease, using the Manticuda tactical safety knife on your belt. It features a sharp 3.5-inch 80CrV2 steel blade and a design that explores the body’s natural reaction to attack.

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  • Titanium Wrench Tactical Pocket Knife

    Titanium Wrench Tactical Pocket Knife

    This tactical knife with a titanium key will come to your rescue when you are in the field and your tools are not around. It comes with a sharp 440 stainless steel blade, a 17 mm wrench and even a belt clip so you can easily carry it around.

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  • Hand Forged Steel Viking AxeHand Forged Steel Viking Axe 1

    Hand Forged Steel Viking Axe

    Feel like a powerful Nordic warrior with this terrible Viking hand ax. These axes are professionally produced in Ukraine, without using CNC machines or other modern tools, ensuring that every detail is truly unique.

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  • Beer Can CannonBeer Can Cannon 1

    Beer Can Cannon

    Unleash the true potential of your AR-15 / M16 rifle by turning it into a functional beer cannon. This specialized add-on allows you to shoot 12-ounce cans and other similarly shaped objects from up to 105 meters away.

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