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  • Titanium Eagle Claw Survival ToolTitanium Eagle Claw Survival Tool 1

    Titanium Eagle Claw Survival Tool

    This survival tool with titanium eagle claws will be a great addition to any band of survivors or backpackers. This handy survival tool is 2.9 inches long and has a small 5 mm hole at one end so you can easily attach it to your keychain.

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  • Non Lethal Self Defense Weapon SystemNon Lethal Self Defense Weapon System 1

    Non Lethal Self Defense Weapon System

    Fend off a potential attacker without being fatal with this self-defense weapon system. With this rescue kit, you can stop your attacker by simply attaching it to your 9mm pistol.

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  • Sledgehammer Battering Ram

    Sledgehammer Battering Ram

    Make your way through almost any obstacle you encounter using a ram with a sledgehammer. The ingenious design includes several tools in a simple and incredibly versatile package that you can easily carry with you.

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  • Biometric Gun Storage BoxBiometric Gun Storage Box 1

    Biometric Gun Storage Box

    The Biometric Gun Storage Box is the most convenient way to store your gun safely, allowing quick and easy access in an emergency. It keeps weapons out of the reach of children, but allows them to be accessed with the touch of a finger.

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  • Solid Wooden SlingshotSolid Wooden Slingshot 1

    Solid Wooden Slingshot

    This sturdy wooden sling is the perfect addition to any backpacker backpack. It has a solid wooden handle, high quality rubber bands and a faux leather pocket to store your ammo before sending it to its destination.

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