Cool Weapons

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  • God Of War Leviathan AxeGod Of War Leviathan Axe 1

    God Of War Leviathan Axe

    Make your Kratos cosplay as authentic as possible with this Leviathan Ax. This meticulously crafted and precise ax in the game is about 3.3 feet long and is so good that the Huldr brothers themselves could be proud of it.

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  • SOG Throwing Knife Set

    SOG Throwing Knife Set

    Increase your chances of hitting your target with this SOG throwing knife set. Each stainless steel knife expertly crafted in this set features a fully balanced spearhead design and is complemented by a paracord-wrapped handle for better grip.

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  • Versace Gold AK-47 RifleVersace Gold Ak 47 Rifle 1

    Versace Gold AK-47 Rifle

    What will you get from a dealer who has it all?¬†Obviously, you’re going to give him this golden Versace AK-47!¬†This unique weapon / collection has a golden appearance approved by Midas, complete with matte black accents on the grip and protection.

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  • Gun Concealment FurnitureGun Concealment Furniture 1

    Gun Concealment Furniture

    Change your constitutional right to carry a gun in your home Рdiscreetly Рwith this line of furniture to hide weapons. With a discreet design perfect for any home, you can hide your firearm anywhere, from the bedside table to a coat rack.

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  • Hidden Belt Buckle Knife

    Hidden Belt Buckle Knife

    Stay sharp Рliterally Рwith the hidden belt buckle knife. This premium leather belt not only keeps your pants on, but also protects you as you wander around the city designs with a sharp knife hidden behind a discreet belt buckle.

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  • Combat Ready Batman SuitCombat Ready Batman Suit 1

    Combat Ready Batman Suit

    Become the hero your city deserves with this fully functional Batman battle suit. Using lightweight, flexible materials such as shock-absorbing foam, Kevlar and 1/4 inch Kydex coating, the suit is designed to fight crime in the real world.

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  • Throwing Card Knives

    Throwing Card Knives

    Expand your repertoire of deadly skills by purchasing multiple knives from throwing cards. This set of five high quality knives is made of stainless steel and styled like playing cards to hide your attack until the last moment.

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  • Triple Barrel Shotgun

    Triple Barrel Shotgun

    Ensure your survival after the undead take over humanity with a triple-barreled shotgun.¬†With three times the stopping power of a traditional shotgun, you can easily destroy zombies, even without using the “double tap” rule.

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