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Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad


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Ensure maximum sleeping comfort by equipping your bed with this cooling and heating mattress. You can instantly increase or decrease the temperature of the pillow using your smartphone to always maintain the ideal temperature.

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  • WATER SYSTEM: According to research, water has natural thermal benefits that make it highly efficient for heating and cooling.¬†OOLER uses an adjustable water-based system to regulate the temperature of your mattress surface, actively circulating the water through the mattress cover to provide you with the most comfortable, cool or heated environment for sleeping!¬†
  • BEST SLEEP QUALITY: Make sleepless nights a thing of the past!¬†The wide temperature range of 12.8-46 ¬į C (55-115F) and the thermal efficiency of the lining allow you to take advantage of the insulating properties of the bedding materials and get a better and deeper sleep!¬†[* It is not intended to replace a conventional air conditioner.¬†Maximum performance can be affected by ambient temperature and humidity.]
  • APPLICATION CONTROL: Apps are available for Apple and Android devices to control the device, heat and cool the panel and set programmable sleep times.¬†and set the alarm to wake up hot.¬†Giving you the convenience of total control in the palm of your hand!¬†
  • CONTROL UNIT: equipped with a variable speed fan to eliminate white noise and built-in ultraviolet light for cleaning and easy maintenance.¬†The noise level of the control unit averages less than 45 decibels at a distance of 3 feet (1 m).¬†The water sensor warns of a low water level.¬†Controlled by APP or manual button.¬†
  • GREATER EFFICIENCY: Better sleep helps to increase productivity and productivity.¬†The OOLER Active Temperature Control System promotes deep sleep and recovery.¬†Unlock the key for greater recovery and productivity with OOLER!¬†

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