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Corn Buttering Knife


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Spreading your favorite artery clogging stuff on corn is easier than ever with this corn spreader. It has a unique curved stainless steel blade that follows the circular shape of the corn, so you can coat this suction cup with oil like a professional.

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Product Details

Slightly slice with spatulas and spread the butter. The curved blade securely holds the oil while you spread it over the ear of corn.


  • THE EASIEST AND CLEANEST METHOD FOR PREPARING CORN OIL.¬†Just slice, scoop and evenly spread the butter from a toothpick directly over the hot corn cobs by rolling the corn in your hand or on a plate and savoring
  • NO MORE OILY FINGER OR MUTILATED FLAT OIL.¬†Simply cut the desired butter and cover the beans instead of placing an entire tile in the dispenser or rotating the ears on a toothpick.¬†
  • DISHWASHER FOR EASY CLEANING.¬†After buttering the corn, simply toss the stainless steel blade into the washing machine with your other silverware before you start and it will look like new the next time.¬†
  • THE BEST WAY TO LUBRICATE YOUR FAVORITE SIDES TO COOK KITCHEN DISHES.¬†Eating corn on the cob is a summer tradition and a staple of barbecue, but it can be frustrating.¬†Enjoy the best vegetables without complications.¬†
  • GREAT GIFT IDEAS FOR GRILL MASTERS AND CHEFS.¬†Anyone who loves to cook and have fun, especially for a barbecue in the backyard during the summer holidays, would love to share this gadget with their guests and friends.¬†

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