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Crime Scene Bandages


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No matter how serious or terrible the dressings for the crime scene are, dressings help prevent unwanted bacteria from entering the wound. Even if something terrible has happened, tell these vile germs to move on, there is nothing to see here.

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Product Details

Place one of these bandages over the wound to ward off germs. Each 3-3 / 4 "(9.5 cm) tall metal can contains twenty-five 3" x 3/4 "(7.6 cm x 1.9 cm) latex-free adhesives with sterile gauze and one FREE PRIZE to help you get an even more unpleasant smell. Children feel better in no time.


  • tin container with approx. 3–3 / 4 inches tall. 
  • Includes 20 bandages. 
  • Each bandage is approximately 3 "long x 3/4" wide. 
  • Extra jewelry in each jar

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