Crime Scene Spray


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See what horrible atrocities were committed with this crime scene spray. Luminol is a highly sensitive blood reagent that detects hidden traces of blood stains that are usually associated with cleaning after phlebotomy.

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Product Details

Luminol is a highly sensitive blood reagent used to detect latent signs of blood stains commonly associated with purging after phlebotomy. When the luminol formula is applied to the blood, even in small amounts, there is a strong persistent chemiluminescent reaction (weak blue light production). For best results, luminol should be used in total darkness, as the reaction produces light. This luminol formula is widely used in forensic medicine and is well documented in forensic literature. He successfully detected signs of occult blood over 36 months. This kit is designed to provide error-free mixing at the scene of an incident and to maximize reagent sensitivity. Luminol should be used immediately after mixing, as its sensitivity decreases 2 hours after mixing. Application: Apply luminol mist to suspicious blood. If chemiluminescence is present in the blood, (dim blue light) will be visible. In total darkness, the reaction looks brighter.


  • The exact formula used by crime scene investigators worldwide.¬†
  • Ideal for demonstrations, complete kit ready to use.¬†
  • Easy to prepare and use, laboratory spray
  • Mix just before use;¬†The reagent luminol has a short reactivity.¬†