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CRKT Tactical Axe


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Whether you are in the jungle, on a construction site or fighting the undead, arm yourself with the CRKT tactical ax. This powerful ax is forged from 1055 carbon steel with a 4.5 inch blade and covered with a tough Tennessee walnut handle.

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Product Details

Scandinavian design with an American soul. Why interfere with an ax shape that has been proven for over a thousand years? This logic developer and veteran Elmer Rusch brings Freyr to the tactical ax. The deep beard echoes the Viking style. But its balance and size make it a modern alloy. Battlecry and Viking shield are not included. Elmer Rusch from Brasstown, North Carolina is definitely a thing of the past. That's when it comes to designing the axes. Although Frey's deep beard cannot be used to remove the enemy's shield as he would in the seas of knowledge patrolled by the Vikings, the balance he adds transforms this ax into a modern workhorse. Named after the Norse god of prosperity, his Viking soul lives up to its classic look. The blade itself is hot-formed from carbon steel and passivated for maximum corrosion resistance. It features a Tennessee walnut handle cut and is specifically designed for durability and ease of use. Replacement leather sheaths are available for purchase. If it is true that history repeats itself, then this utility ax is irrefutable proof. About Forged By War In 2013, Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, a developer of tactical, military and elite tomahawks, contacted CRKT with the news that he had worked with several combat veterans who had returned from the war with varying degrees of ex post facto. traumatic stress (PTS). To help deal with their problems, they designed and forged special steel tools. Based on their experience in combat situations, they created the tools they wished were available on the battlefield. CRKT cares deeply about our returning veterans and we have found a way to bring them back to the community that created them. In 2016, we launched the Forged By War program. These are veteran-designed mission-ready tools, with 10% of CRKT's net profits from the program donated to a charitable foundation of the veterans' choice. Mission-ready tools created by war. Find out more here. The Elmer Rusch Charitable Foundation that chose this instrument is the Green Beret Foundation. * Although we know that the temptation is great, we advise against throwing out this specific tool for security reasons and for reasons of voiding the potential warranty. Specifications: Blade length: 4.528 "(115.01 mm) Edge: Steel with ax: 1055 Carbon steel Blade surface: Thickness of the blade coated with magnesium phosphate: 1.185" (30.1 mm) Grinding: Hot forged opening Length: 16.125 in (409.58 mm) Weight: 1.79 Lb (0.81 kg) Handle: Tennessee Hickory Style: Ax


  • Forged resistant: 1055 carbon steel offers durability and edge stability.¬†
  • More than just cutting: the beard on the ax head offers many useful cutting tasks.¬†
  • Durability: Tennessee walnut is a dense material that can withstand heavy loads.¬†
  • Designed by Elmer Rush from Brasstown, North Carolina.¬†
  • A limited lifetime warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship;¬†see our website for details.¬†

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