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Crochet Cat Butt Coasters


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These crochet cat cheek pads are the perfect gift for a crazy person obsessed with cats. Each handmade cup holder is about ten centimeters in diameter and comes in a variety of colors, such as black, gray and striped.

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Product Details

Crazy Cat Lady Cat Butt Coasters are about 5 "wide and 8" tall. Wash your hands with warm water, these cats don't mind getting wet.


  • GIFT PURR-FECT, ALLY OF THE LITTLE: Give a touch of sunshine any day with this special set of 4 handmade tail holders for crochet cats.¬†Any crazy cat lover will appreciate this.¬†
  • ADD A LITTLE CAT TITLE AND AMAZING: This super stylish set of roller coasters will drop your jaw and raise your eyebrows at any party or party.¬†Ignore the whisper and the rolling of your eyes.¬†
  • SUPER BEAUTIFUL: Probably one of the best things on Amazon.¬†They measure about 5 inches wide by 8 inches high.¬†
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wash by hand with warm water, these cats don't mind getting wet.¬†
  • NO BLOCKS ON IT: These are PAWS and we GUARANTEE that you will love these unique kittens.¬†Just remember to name them when you receive them.¬†ADD to your MEOW cart!¬†

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