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Customizable LED Cinema Marquee


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Show a short message or quote in true Hollywood style by writing it on this customizable LED cinema tent.¬†This wall-mounted tent measures 12 “x 9” x 2.5 “and contains 100 letters, numbers and symbols.

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  • LED tent lightbox to create your own personalized signage with your own hands;¬†make up words and quotes and use them for home, decoration, birthdays, important dates, gifts and anything else you can imagine.¬†
  • INCLUDES 100 letters, numbers and symbols;¬†A compartment for storing letters is built into the back of the lightbox.¬†
  • HIGH QUALITY white LED backlight;¬†Sliding battery compartment (6xAA not included) or USB powered (USB included).¬†
  • A4 size, table or wall;¬†12 "x 9" / 30.5 cm x 23 cm
  • FIT 8 tiles per line;¬†We are the original light box manufacturer in the USA - we only get the best products and customer service from our North American brand!¬†

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