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Dangling Testicles Bicycle Light


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Turn your head where you want while rolling with a large pair of testicles hanging from the back of the seat. The attractive design of this bicycle headlight, combined with an incredibly bright neon pink glow, ensures that riders will notice you while driving.

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  • More effective, yet gentle: this pet bath brush can provide a gentle and thorough cleaning for your pets, soft silicone accessories can effectively remove hair and give your pet a comfortable massage.¬†Your pets will also love the pet bath massage brush.¬†
  • Two professional massage modes: our pet shower brush has 142 soft silicone protrusions on the surface of the gloves, which are designed to deeply clean the fur;¬†The other 52 terminals are positioned to provide an elegant massage, promote healthy metabolism and maximize pet comfort during brushing.¬†
  • Multifunctional glove brush: this pet bathing glove is ideal for dogs, cats and horses.¬†It can brush and loosen hair quickly, smoothly and effectively, and is also suitable for cleaning hairy furniture.¬†Loose hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to clean and throw away, minimizing the hairs that fly around your house and keeping your home clean and pets healthy.¬†
  • Rubber.¬†Friendly to the skin: the soft rubber bristles can gently care for and massage your pets, improving blood circulation and leaving your hair soft and shiny.¬†They are made of thick, yet soft and durable rubber, and have been carefully designed to provide maximum cleaning performance.¬†
  • What you get: 2 blue quality bathing gloves for pets.¬†

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