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Darth Vader Dog Costume


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Turn your dog into the dark side with this Darth Vader dog costume. This unusual dog costume includes the iconic helmet and the gloves and cape costume. Now all you need is a Sith cloak to be the perfect master for your apprentice of darkness.

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Product Details

Have you always suspected that your dog is visiting the dark side? This Darth Vader costume consists of a helmet / helmet of the character, a jumpsuit with attached sleeves and a cape with a belt. The Ruby costume company was founded in 1950 in Queens, New York. Today it is the largest costume company in the world. Many of our costumes, including our pet line, are made in the USA. Pet costumes are fun all year round, not just seasonally, so dress up your best friend and have fun today.


  • The costume includes an adorned helmet like Darth Vader's helmet.¬†
  • It also includes a jumpsuit embellished with attached sleeves and a cape with a belt.¬†
  • Polyester
  • Hand wash with cold, dry water.¬†
  • Small, suitable for pets with breasts up to 14 inches and from neck to tail.¬†

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