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Darth Vader Helmet Humidifier


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Unleash the power of the Dark Side to fight mold and mildew with Darth Vader’s helmet humidifier.¬†Made with antimicrobial technology, Lord Vader’s iconic helmet emits a cold mist that instantly adds moisture to any environment.

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Product Details

This is a table Darth Vader that relieves dryness in a room with a humidifier built into your head in your helmet and can only be purchased at Hammacher Schlemmer. The unshakable Sith Lord uses ultrasonic technology to spray a soft, soothing mist, instead of the noisy fans of smaller civilizations that can be heard from far, far away. Its armored body hides a 1/2 gallon water tank that humidifies a room for up to 12 hours with 10 humidity settings and an automatic shutdown feature for security. Lord Vader also includes a night light to prevent the room from going to the Dark Side. Connects to the AC mains. 11 1/2 "H x 7 1/4" W x 6 "(3 lb) & nbsp; & nbsp;

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