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Day Of The Week Clock


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When schedules and routines fly through the window, easily control your days with the hours of the day of the week. Instead of showing the exact hours and minutes, the display shows only the days of the week Рbecause that is your life now.

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  • DON'T MISS DAYS: Keep the structure of your week at work or school at home - with the DayClock wall clock of the day of the week, you'll never lose track of the day of the week!¬†
  • BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL: The classic oak daytime clock with wooden frame and glass cover is an attractive addition to any home decor.¬†A single hand moves around the daily dial every week.¬†
  • SINGLE WALL CLOCK: This innovative clock is great for the kitchen, home office, family room, children's room or bedroom.¬†Keep an eye on the day of the week and never ask, "What day is it today?"¬†again!¬†
  • FAVORITE GIFT FOR ALL BOOMERS: With daytime hours, retirement is measured in days, not hours!¬†Ideal gift watches for retirees, the elderly or grandparents.¬†
  • SILENT & amp;¬†EASY TO USE: The day of the week clock is battery powered, easy to install and use, no assembly required.¬†Weekend and weekday wall clocks run silently on 1 AA battery.¬†

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