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Death Star Grinder


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Breaking wet buds like an imperial blow to the Death Star’s weed grinder.¬†Constructed from a zinc and aluminum alloy, this small but robust three-piece Death Star comes with a Kiev trap and a magnetized top to prevent plant material from falling.

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  • QUALITY MADE - Premium 3-piece herbal grinder made of quality zinc and aluminum alloy (when you hold it, the weight looks like a quality plastic chipper, not fragile).¬†Easily chop and grind spices and herbs.¬†
  • UNIQUE PRESENT - presented in ThisIsWhyImBroke and ShutUpandTakeMyMoney.¬†Luke, I am your helicopter.¬†For any Star Wars lover, this Star Wars sander is a must-have.¬†Buy or give as a gift.¬†For God's sake, it comes in a gift box.¬†Watch other people's excitement as you pull this thing out!¬†
  • MAGNETIC CONNECTION - In search of quality, we have improved this spice grinder so that the top of the Death Star is magnetized at the bottom.¬†This ensures that you do not lose your troops ... I mean herbs
  • SCRAPER & amp;¬†GIFT BOX BONUS - You will need this little tool.¬†So, we gave you one.¬†The perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a boyfriend / girlfriend!¬†
  • 100% HAPPY - this product does not break.¬†Time course.¬†It is designed to travel the galaxy and confront intruders.¬†But if for some reason you receive this item and you are not 100% satisfied or satisfied, let us know.¬†We will take care of you.¬†

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