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Demon Fire Pit Skull


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Give your next bonfire a daring turn by setting this demon bonfire skull on fire! This 23 cm tall horned skull is made of high-strength, heat-resistant cement and has a non-toxic and flame retardant paint finish.

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  • ★ Slight color difference due to the photograph. ▼ Materials: first degree of high strength & amp; heat-resistant cement + exclusive composites + fire-resistant paint. Non toxic. ▼ Handmade, longer production time. 
  • ▼ Dimensions: larger than the skull of an adult. Average 9.5 "long, 8.5" wide and 9 "high. Weight 15-18 pounds. Heavy and detailed.
  • ▼ Packaging: a skull / demon box + foam high density polystyrene Safe and easy ▼ Perfect size as a headset support, cap, hat, wig, mask, hood, tiara ...
  • ▼ Features: 1) Flames can come out of the holes of the eyes (not per month) 2) Stable base for easy marking 3) Classic fire gas demon skull shape with 4 color options - white, black, brown, gray 4) Due to handmade and hand-painted work , the difference in colors, stains and scratches are inevitable, which will not affect the performance of the product.

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