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DIY Back Shaver


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If you have a thick coat on your back and have no one to help you trim a wild animal while looking at the rear, then this is the perfect solution for the shaver. ManGroomer allows you to do this yourself and shave your back without help.

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Product Details

Mangroomer is the ‚Äúindispensable DIY shaver‚ÄĚ for men.¬†The unique patented design allows the man to remove unwanted hair from the back on his own, without leaving the house or traveling.¬†Every man should be able to remove unwanted hair on his back in an easy, private, quick, painless and economical way.¬†MANGROOMER has an elegant, lightweight and compact design that folds for storage and travel and opens quickly and easily when needed for immediate use.¬†When the shaver is in use, its unique patented design makes it easy to reach all areas of the back.¬†The strap is fully extendable and adjustable and locks in different lengths to reach even the most challenging middle and low backs for men of all sizes.¬†It only works with 2 AA batteries, the batteries must be from brands like Duracell or Energizer.


  • Lightly shave all the hair on your back with the new Mangroomer Essential Back Shaver.¬†
  • The unique patented design allows men of all sizes and shapes to easily reach all areas of their back from different angles.¬†
  • The sleek, lightweight and compact design turns from discreet storage to fully functional and easy to operate in seconds.¬†
  • The extra wide blade offers very precise and smooth results, without the possibility of ingrown hairs that usually occur when using hand blades on the back.¬†Fully retractable and adjustable, the handle locks in place in various lengths to reach even the most challenging middle and lower back.¬†
  • Powered by only 2 AA batteries.¬†

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