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DIY Hair Clippers


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Can’t go to the hairdresser?¬†Do it justice with your own hands with these DIY hair clippers.¬†The clever and inventive design includes a unique 180-degree swivel head that makes it easy to access even the most difficult locations.

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Product Details

** Important: This product is ONLY for the head. The accessory is designed to shave the head for complete baldness, not the face! **


  • Shave your head The exclusive 180 ¬į swivel head allows you to easily reach even the most difficult places, so you can always get a perfectly straight and precise haircut.¬†Or press on the shaving attachment to get an absolutely smooth surface.¬†
  • Easy access design .......... - 180 ¬į swivel head for easy access.¬†
  • Shaving accessory for a perfectly smooth surface.¬†

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