DIY Hidden Door Kit


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Add a little intrigue to your humble home by creating your own personal space with this DIY hidden door set. With this set, you can transform your normal bookshelf into a passage that leads to an unknown part of your home.

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Product Details

Have you always wanted to have your own secret passage? or a hidden door system like that bat cave? This exclusive and patented hinge system is 100% manufactured in the USA and allows you to design and build your own hidden door. Can be used for revolving door systems. This provides a 100% hidden door system. Easy to assemble and install, it offers a lifetime warranty. Design and assembly instructions are NOT included! The Murphy door hinge system is for professionals who can design and build a cabinet door. NO list of messages or instructions included or in stock! It's 100% DIY.


  • Secret door, design and build your own hidden door or closet door system.¬†
  • Universal concealed hinges to fit our hinged door system, left or right hinge, concealed door system
  • Bookcase door system, create your own hidden door.¬†Engineering and assembly instructions are not included in the delivery.¬†
  • Lower pivot point of the patented ball bearing rated to 1160 lb.¬†Dynamic load and 540 pounds.¬†Static
  • Made in the USA.¬†
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