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Donald Trump Dog Costume


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No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, everyone will agree that this Donald Trump dog costume will make your dog beautiful again. Your furry friend will look amazing with his all-natural blonde wig and tie with the American flag.

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Product Details

Make the animal look great again! Dressed like the characteristic hair of a real estate developer or politician gets more attention


  • Star comb wig and striped tie with USA flag. Dress your dog as an unmistakable character with just a wig. 
  • Make the animals fantastic again! Dressed like the hair of a real estate developer or a politician's trademark, it is sure to catch your pet's attention. 
  • Fits easily with Velcro closure, which can also be used to support other accessories. 
  • Adjust the length of the tie with velcro. A rubber band attaches to the tie to provide comfort and support for your dog. 
  • Suitable for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, parades, carnival, holidays, parties, events, festivals, dress up, photo shoots, matches, etc.

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