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Dragon Rainspout Statue


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Fire-breathing dragons can do nothing against aquatic respirators. When in doubt, just watch the dragon statue in action. During a storm, the dragon statue begins to spit out a continuous stream of water. It is the perfect gift for any home.

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Product Details

Form and function find their balance in our gargoyle-style discharge pipe for your home. It won't spit fire, but it will bring dramatic Gothic details to the exterior of your modern castle! Cast in quality designer resin and finished in Gothic stone. 16 "x 8" x 5 "deep x 5 pounds high.


  • RANIER THE DRAGON RAINSPOUT will not spit fire, but will bring dramatic Gothic details to your modern castle as it sweeps the water from its foundation!¬†
  • ARTIST GARY CHANG Form and function balanced in this gargoyle discharge tube extension for your home.¬†
  • CAST IN RESIN OF QUALITY DESIGN, our gutter gargoyles are finished in the tone of artificial Gothic stone.¬†
  • AVAILABLE ONLY IN TUSCAN DESIGN, you will instantly elevate your medieval property with the help of our dragons.¬†
  • Our functional statue measures 16 "x 8" D x 5 "in height and weighs 5 pounds.

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