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Drink Counting Beer Koozie


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Monitor your alcohol consumption with incredible precision using this beer counting drink.¬†This high-tech Kuzi works like a pure alcohol odometer – controlling how many beers you have drunk “this time” or during the “life” of your Kuzi.

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Product Details

A bevometer is similar to an automatic consumption display. Each time you insert a new can into the innovative canister refrigerator, this adds a count to the number of drinks you drank in the current session, as well as all the time. Whether you're trying to stay within your limits or show your friends who can supply more cans, Bevometer is the perfect choice for barbecues, camping, holidays, gadgets, games, gifts, poker nights, advertising needs, sports ... events, entry doors and more. See for any individual needs.


  • Presented at USA Today Tech, Gizmodo, Trend Hunter, CNet, Gizmag, Beer Drinker's Society, Guys Gab, InStash, Tailgate Lot, Total Frat Move & amp;¬†much more
  • Insert your drink and the Bevometer will automatically calculate for you using the This Time and Life Time screens.¬†
  • Easily monitor your consumption of drinks, water and soft drinks for adults for FUN + HEALTH
  • Hold the reset button to reset the counter "This time" - watch a back door .¬†barbecue all week - at your choice.¬†
  • Quality materials and construction, the same size as traditional foam, lightweight, pleasant to the touch, incredible look and very easy and fun to use.¬†

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