Drink Or Dare Card Game


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Have a magical and fun night like never before, playing the Drink Or Dare card game. Players take turns matching the number or color of the card in front of them or taking embarrassing actions, such as talking dirty to someone.

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Drinking card game for brave adults. The best card game for your next party, whether for or against humanity! Drunko is for adults who like to get together with friends and have fun laughing. The game follows the familiar rules of matching the number or color of the previously played card, but adds additional aspects of drinking and having fun adventures. Five DARE themed categories: Lame, Horny, Dare Devil, Nympho and No Fear with eight increasingly difficult challenges in each thematic card. You can dare to dub a song, talk dirty to your opponent or even run half naked. Be aware that rejecting a call means that you will have to finish your drink. How far are you willing to go? What do you want to laugh with? Will you drink or help? Buy today to be the hero of your next party! NOTE. Mixing two or more decks is ideal for large parties.


  • The best card game with drinks for your party!¬†
  • An adult uses a card game known for combining colors and numbers.¬†
  • DARE action cards will force your friends to choose between completing their drinks or having fun adventures.¬†
  • Synchronize the music with your lips!¬†Dirty talk with the enemy!¬†Run half naked!¬†
  • 58 playing cards with official rules, DARE action themes and playing cards.¬†