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Dual Drink Backpack


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Handing out drinks has never been so portable since Helper Man walked the streets. The Dual Drink backpack makes it easy to transport refreshments and replenish your drinks, making you the perfect guy to keep the party going.

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Product Details

Quench your thirst instantly with this dual drink dispenser backpack. Includes two 3.7-liter clear beverage containers, padded handles and back panel, and a mesh pocket for cups. Measures 24 "tall, 9" wide and 3 "deep. Great for outdoor parties and walks. When they can't get to the bar, bring them a bar!


  • Double backpack for dispensing drinks.┬á
  • Includes two transparent 3.7 liter beverage containers, padded handles and rear panel.┬á
  • Adjustable straps.┬á
  • Attached mesh cup pocket.┬á
  • Dimensions: 24 "high, 9" wide and 3 "deep.

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