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Dual Temperature Control Mattress Pad


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With this mattress cover with double temperature control, you and your partner can sleep in complete comfort throughout the night. The pillow allows you to set two different temperatures so that each person can sleep comfortably at their ideal temperature.

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  • New & amp;¬†Improved: now controllable under the bed - be sure to use the bed lifts for optimal airflow and performance!¬†Kryo, Inc. is the only authorized Amazon reseller for Chilipad.¬†
  • WATER BASED SYSTEM: uses an adjustable water-based system to regulate the temperature of your mattress surface, making the water actively circulate through silicone microcontrollers.¬†- tubes on the pillow, providing a more comfortable sleeping environment!¬†
  • IMPROVING SLEEP QUALITY: Use the thermal insulation properties of bedding materials to your advantage, cooling the mattress & amp;¬†allowing the blankets to act as insulation.¬†Wide temperature range - 55-115F (12.8-46 ¬į C) - improves restful sleep!¬†[* It is not intended to replace a conventional air conditioner.¬†Maximum performance can be affected by ambient temperature and humidity.]
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY: allows you to adjust the temperature in one degree increments so that you can reach your ideal sleep temperature and experience the potential benefits of improved and rejuvenating REM sleep performance and productivity!¬†
  • HEALTH CARE: Customer comments describe how its cooling features help reduce insomnia due to hot flashes, menopause, body aches and body aches.¬†night sweats providing a more relaxing sleep!¬†
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: with a nominal power of 80W / cc, significantly less than an air conditioner, and an automatic shutdown function that is activated after 10 hours of operation.¬†With continuous use, you can enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency sleeping at the ideal temperature!¬†

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