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Dwight Schrute Bobblehead


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Bring some Office spirit into your personal space with this beautiful Dwight Schrute mannequin. Modeled after everyone’s favorite beet grower and everyone’s favorite paper seller, it comes with a quality stand so you can proudly display it in your home or office.

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Product Details

Just like the show, the bobble head of Dwights can be yours! Take it with you on your trip, to work or wherever there is a flat surface to watch it swing up and down! Jim would agree that Dwight is not always pleasant, shake your head today to take advantage of this rare opportunity! Show your love for Office wherever you go. Now you can take your favorite character with you wherever you go! Add some fun to your trip with this world’s exclusive bobble head. This item will be a wonderful gift for anyone who can laugh at their favorite TV series. Buy 1 or more for you and your other Office fans.


  • It looks like Dwight Schrute is in the office !!! 
  • At a quality stand. 
  • Dwight collector's message box. 

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