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Earbuds Tethering Necklace


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Keep your headphones in your pocket or purse to prevent them from becoming a knot when wearing the headphone necklace.¬†This useful necklace has a bold look and keeps your headphones beautiful and tangle free so they’re always close at hand.

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Product Details

Follow the music with Props! This simple and useful headset holder is designed to keep your headphones attached to you, making them easily accessible when you want to return to your musical oasis.


  • The ornaments worn on the neck extend up to the headphones like the hands, keeping them in place and close to the ears.¬†That way, the next time you pull the cable or take the headphones off to talk to someone, they will be within reach.¬†
  • Features: ties the headset to the neck area, a length adjustment slider, a soft strap that does not damage the headset cables.¬†
  • Materials: polypropylene, woven nylon thread.¬†
  • Available in blue, pink, gray and black.¬†

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