Easy Clean Modern Litter Box


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Keep your cat’s dirt discreetly hidden with a modern, easy-to-clean litter box.¬†This stylish sandbox features a modern design that matches your home decor and comes with a removable sandbox for easy cleaning.

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  • Sophistication in a box„ÄĎ -Modern MS Modern cat litter box is an elegant stun gun with a magnetic suction cup lid that reliably hides cat diseases.¬†The cozy hut-shaped design has a circular entrance through which cats can get in and out and opens easily for easy cleaning.¬†
  • „ÄźTotally hidden storage„ÄĎ - Designed to blend in with the rest of your MS Modern cat litter box without disturbing the overall tone of your home.¬†The comfortable comfort of a cat litter is combined with an internal cupboard and free shell, making it the perfect all-in-one storage solution.¬†
  • „ÄźSimple drawer for easy cleaning —É–ī–ĺ–Ī - The stylish cat litter box comes with a removable litter tray for easy cleaning.¬†Featuring a non-stick surface that uses advanced plastic technology to effectively block odors, the lightweight litter tray keeps our kittens comfortable throughout the day, ensuring easy cleaning for your people.¬†Just push, unload and replace.¬†
  • „ÄźCurved filter pass reduces tracking„ÄĎ - Worried about tracking debris on your floors?¬†& Nbsp;¬†Well, consider yourself in good hands, because the MS Modern Cat litter box features innovative lattice steps inside to keep your kitten's dirty documents in the box.¬†Think of it as a built-in garbage mat and say goodbye to nasty garbage marks.¬†& Nbsp;¬†
  • „ÄźCompact and lightweight, but with lots of space„ÄĎ - Hidden storage compartment and free shovel, removable trash can, dimensions: 15 x 18 x 24 inches, weight: 8.8 pounds.¬†Suitable for cats up to 15 pounds.¬†