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Electrical Outlet Bed Risers


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Get rid of electrical cables and ugly extension cables in a room with electrical outlets. These original risers contain two electrical outlets, plus a USB port, so you can charge almost any device without running the risk of tripping over the room.

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Product Details

Use the Studio 3B bed lifts to create more storage space under the bed. Simply place one under each leg to raise the bed 18 inches. In addition, one of the elevators is equipped with sockets and USB ports so that everything you need is ready for use. Set of 4 lift beds 7 '' from the floor Creates more storage space under the bed Great for crowded dormitories It has two grounded 110V 15A sockets and two USB 5V DC sockets Polypropylene Clean each 7.75 "L x 6.75" lift W x 8 "Cable length 6 feet Length No assembly required. Imported item: 40151694

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