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Emergency Breathing System


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Increase your chances of surviving a fire at home by installing this hand-held emergency breathing system. This rescue device is designed to prevent smoke inhalation by filtering chemicals and removing carbon monoxide for up to five minutes.

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Product Details

Safety iQ - Emergency breathing system protector - portable device for one person


  • The Saver Emergency Respiratory System is an essential home safety device designed to prevent smoke inhalation.¬†
  • Removes toxic gases for up to 5 minutes.¬†
  • Spout handle included.¬†blockage of harmful gases entering the nostrils.¬†
  • The triple absorbent filter consists of a pre-filter for smoke and dust;¬†a hopcalite filter for carbon monoxide and a third treatment filter to remove gases and toxic secondary materials.¬†
  • The Saver Emergency Respiratory System is designed with a triple filter system to protect the user's respiratory tract from toxic substances.¬†gases

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