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Geek Robes for Gamer Boys & Girls

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Geek Robes for Gamer Boys & Girls

Who’s looking for unique geek robes for lounging on the couch in front of your favorite movie, or xbox on a cold morning or even a fancy dress party? We’ve compiled an epic list of geek robes and gamer dressing gowns to help get you through this winter. There’s something for everyone in this range of geek robes, from Harry Potter fans to Assassin’s Creed, Hello Kitty and of course Star Wars. You can also choose warm fleece clothing or soft satin clothing in your favorite style for players and fans who want their geek robes a little more breathable and comfortable.

Crazy Geek Bathrobes for Girls

When it comes to resting around the house on cold nights, these cozy, adult sliders or kigurums are perfect. There are all sorts of cigarettes on offer, from sea otters to rainbow unicorns and even records like Mickey Mouse or Stich. Find your perfect kigurumi here or click on one of the photos below. If you prefer a robe, we have Hello Kitty, Big Bang Theory and Akira robes that will make any fan very happy and cozy!

If you are thinking of buying a bathrobe as a gift, why not combine it with a nightgown or pajamas in the same genre?

Amazing Geek Robes for Men

Star Trek & Doctor, which are classic science fiction TV shows that adapt well to bathrobe design. The shape of Star Trek clothes changes with each series, and here are two options. Another great TV show, the Walking Dead, presents only two bathrobes, but check out The Walking Dead Dead Mega Gift List to learn more about the thematic gifts of the Walking Dead.

Superheroes are always popular and colourful. If you are looking for a beautiful Superhero bathrobe, you can choose one of the options below. All Superhero bathrobes are made of warm fleece fabric and some have hoods for extra warmth this winter.

This final section includes some of the best video games with themed robes. Fans of World of Warcraft can choose between a mantle paladin or priestly. The Assassin’s Creed dress is magnificent – a clean and soft white robe with a small Assassin’s Creed symbol on the front and a large symbol on the back. The Legend of Zelda bathrobe is embroidered with a Hyrule embroidered symbol on the back of this stunning, thick and warm bathrobe.

Star Wars Robes & Gowns

Star Wars is a very popular theme for so many gift ideas, and clothing is no exception. Imperial uniforms and uniforms are great designs for bathrobes, but the Death Star model is also very popular. The Chewbacca dress is shown here as the men’s version, but the women’s version is in our Best Geek & Gamer Robes for Women collection, so you can choose the right outfit if you want.

How to Choose The Perfect Geek Bathrobe

Wearing a bathrobe is a pleasure in itself. We crawl inside the cloak to avoid the oppression of the day and to free ourselves in a welcoming and relaxing state of mind. It is certainly worth noting that the type of fabric used in the manufacture of the bathrobe is of great importance. Not all robes serve the same in all situations, and personal preferences are always a factor to consider!

Here are some things you should pay attention to when choosing a fabric for your garments:


Different fabrics have different weights: some are light and airy, others are heavier and more durable. A good example of the former is the satin dress, and the latter corresponds to fabrics such as wafer weaving or thick flannel.
It is possible to love all aspects of the robe, but feel a little taller in the air on the weight. If in doubt, we recommend that you choose the lightest fabric that maintains comfort in your climate.


If you use a bathrobe in a spa, after a bath or pool, absorption will be a factor to consider. In such cases, Turkish fabrics or microfibres are often preferred, but note that the absorbent materials will be heavier (see previous paragraph).


The robots are available in various lengths, configurations and bushing lengths, as well as in different styles such as kimonos. In many cases, the best choice is the style that will attract your attention and suit your environment. For the best fit, you can choose an individual bathrobe instead of a universal one.


The appearance of the dress depends largely on personal taste, although some styles are only available on certain fabrics. If you are looking for a truly attractive robe, pay attention to our floral patterns!

Understanding the Different Types of Bathrobes

There are different types of clothes, fabrics and styles. They vary according to application and purpose. Perhaps the lightweight bathrobes and waffles are more suitable for the pool, the terry bathrobes are ideal after the shower. Let’s talk more about the types of robes, fabrics and areas of use.

Classic bathrobes of the classic type

Classic bathrobes are the favorite. Classic bathrobes have a strap, vests and pockets on both sides. Classic bathrobes usually have a shawl collar. Classic bathrobes are made of terry cloth, lightweight cotton fabric, bamboo, velvet, linen, satin, polycloth or plush microfilter.

Terry, cotton and bamboo fabrics are ideal for use after showers and baths. In the morning, linen and satin robes are used, and polyclops with an absorbent structure and light weight can be used for the spa and sauna. In addition, bamboo bathrobes made of fabric are used in the spa and for everyday use as organic and safe.

Teddy microfibre fabric is normally used for children’s bathrobes. A fabric that is too soft does not irritate the skin of children, as it is too soft. At the same time, a teddy microfilter is also an absorbent.

71g1v5svqfl. Ul1500 .jpgRobes like a Kimono

The kimono bathrobes are one of the most comfortable to wear. This style is generally preferred for bathrobes, bathrobes and bathrobes. Kimono bathrobes are preferred by both men and women. Kimono-style bathrobes do not have a shawl collar, the necklaces are flat. They have a samotkani belt or loop belt depending on the model you choose. They have two pockets. Sometimes they can have a hood.

Kimono bathrobes are made of terry cloth for showers, plush cloth for daily use and linen or satin fabric for bathrobes. Lightweight bathrobes can be used in the spa, sauna or after the pool. Cotton fabric for baths and showers. Because terry towelling is highly absorbent, it is generally preferred after the shower.

Hooded Robes

Women wear a white cloak with a hoodCaptain cloak in a warm and cozy style most of the time. They have a spacious hood that warms the head and neck on cold days. Hooded bathrobes are generally preferred by children. In addition, it is preferable after using a jacuzzi or whirlpool bath. Stay warm when you leave a hot jacuzzi and come home on cold days…..

Hooded bathrobes can be used for daily use at home when you wake up in the morning, the hood is very useful to keep warm. Hooded bathrobes are also made of terry cloth, cotton wafers, cotton velvet, microfiber, satin and silk. Elegant and cozy cotton frock coats are ideal for showers and baths.

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