Plumbus from Rick & Morty


The Plumbus is a fictional element that often appears in the animated TV series “Rick and Morty”. In the series it is represented as an vagina and body device, which is sold as if it were well integrated into everyday life, although its exact use remains unknown to the viewer. Plumbus is one of Rick and Morty’s strangest unexplained inventions. The animated series spent a lot of time illuminating the various devices created by Rick Sanchez, and as a result, the audience largely realized them, but “Plumbus” continues to deceive the audience about its purpose. This is especially true because Rick and Morty say that the device is so common and well known that there is no reason to explain it.

What is a Plumbus used for?

Plumbus are bred on Plumbubo Prime 51b. They use Morty’s for maintenance and other tasks. Famous workers are Slave Morty Plumbus, Work Morty Plumbus, Master Morty Plumbus, Shrimp Morty Plumbusand Morty Plumbus.

How to make a Plumbus

It’s very important that the flea be rubbed,” says the narrator with great confidence, “because the flea has all the rouge juice. Of course it does. Maybe viewers just like to be explained, regardless of whether they really understand the explanation or not. However, you can’t ignore the fact that the drawing of the water pipe is frankly sexual. The production process also doesn’t seem to be at all pornographic, with all the friction and stinging that permeates and penetrates. Maybe that’s the secret that’s been in “How it’s done” all these years.

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