Sites Like This Is Why Im Broke

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Sites Like This Is Why Im Broke

The original This Is Why Im Broke website was an electronic magazine dedicated to unique window-shopping and unusual consumer products. Jetpacks, unusual clothing, strange firearms, personal gadgets, odd kitchen utensils, and freaky furniture are bound to pique your fancy.

This Is Why Im Broke (TIWIB) shares unusual items, cool products and geeky gadgets across multiple categories that they find around the web. Gadgets, wearable items, food & drink, home and office, toys and more. It was NOT the first affiliate website of this type. But it was the first that really focused on user experience and engaging the visitor over just listing unusual products and trying to make money. The site was born in 2011 by Adam Freedman who had previously struggled to make money online with many failed ventures. He started the site because he followed similar websites and thought he “could improve on their experience with a better website design and higher quality products presented”. For example it was the first site of it’s type to use infinite scrolling. They added humor and wit in the product descriptions.

Sites Like This Is Why Im Broke

The popularity of amazon’s affiliate program launched a thousand copy cats and similar sites like This Is Why Im Broke. We’ve compiled a list of the more interesting ones, which boast a great product range, unique design and easy to browse layout.

1. Million Dollar Gift Club

Woocommerce Websites That Convert

The Million Dollar Gift Club is a French based startup that says they curate over 16,000 products hand selected from Amazon and other retailers. The products are wild, unique and a little bit zany but all are available to purchase with direct links to the sellers. It’s one of the more popular sites despite the fact it’s only been online for 2 years. It began in French, but now offers translations in Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and of course, English.

2. Canopy

Canopy called itself the Amazon curatorial shop because it recommended Amazonian products. Canopy is the perfect site to explore the most beautiful, useful and well thought out Amazonian products in a dedicated website.

Canopy has the best Canopy products you can buy at Amazon. The interface of the Canopy website is very convenient as you won’t have any difficulty looking for your favorite product.

3. ThinkGeek

ThinkgeekThinkGeek focuses exclusively on Geeky products. They have one of the best collections, and if you’re a person who doesn’t like using Amazon, ThinkGeek is the site for you because they’re completely independent. In general, their prices are good, and their products are good, but specifically for the geeky/nerd/gadget lovers’ niche.

4. Cool shit you can buy

It’s probably one of the worst named sites ever and, frankly, it’s amazing that it takes such a good place on Google. In a way, it seems a bit unfair that you can just swear on your headline because it easily catches the readers’ attention and there seems to be a small drawback to how this site is rated. A very interesting and unique SEO practice. Regardless, this other site is very similar to “This Is Why I’m Broke” and it’s worth seeing if you like it. Its layout is a bit more image oriented and does not refer directly to elements, but to individual pages.

4. Shut up and take my money.

Shut UpAmazon is a partner of the company “Shut up and take my money”, which offers high quality products over the Internet. In recent years, Shut up and take my money has offered a wide range of products that it received under “Offers and Discounts” at Amazon. It is designed to be a supplier of Amazonian products.

The “Shut up and take my money” section has been created to allow the site to earn money by advertising, showing and linking to the Amazon platform. The “Shut up and take my money” web interface is clear and smart. The products here are available in the best of the weird, kitchen, clothing, coach, games, toys, zombies, wines, casual and much more.

6. Scroll.Am

Scroll.Am is one of the fastest ways to find the best and highest quality Amazonian products. It has a Pinterest scroll type interface so that users can quickly get to the Amazon products they are looking for.

In Scroll.Am you can start your search by selecting a category first, then entering a keyword and then clicking on the product to make a purchase. Products can also be searched through the Scroll.Am product category system. When you click on any product or search for any product in the Scroll.Am search section, it will take you to Amazon’s official shopping page, from where you can get more information and descriptions related to the product.

7. Take My Paycheck

Take My Paycheck” is not a new platform in the field of online shopping portals. The online shopping portal is different in a way, it collects offers for sale and discounts made by major online shopping sites. Instead of dealing with its own manufactured or developed products, it supplies products from other leading retailers.

It can be simplified by saying it allows you to find the best offers and discounts online. This online catalog of a wide range of products comes daily with the latest clothing, gadgets, gifts, weird stuff, gifts, toys, electronics and more.

8. DatTwenty

Dat Twenty is best known for offering goods at a price usually below $20. It deals with a wide range of products and tools, in which most things belong to the category of gadgets, kitchen, fitness, tools, EDC, and fun stuff.

The Dat Twenty interface is very useful, where items are available in sketch style with specified prices. Whenever you click on any item or search for any item in the Dat Twenty search section, it will take you to Amazon’s official shopping page, where you can get more descriptions and other information related to the product.

What Are They Promoting?

Unusual, cool, geeky and sometimes useless products from space invader chairs to camera lenses coffee cups to jet packs to bacon vodka. You’ll find gadgets, gizmos, gear, quirky products, concepts and more. It includes products from big retailers such as Amazon and Ebay. Niche stores like ThinkGeek and Firebox and sites like Etsy and Kickstarter.

Not every product is on sale they feature any products they think have the ‘wow’ factor even concept products that have not yet been created. The reason behind this is so to create value. If every product they feature just leads to an Amazon link it just becomes about getting affiliate link clicks rather than sourcing out and sharing unusual and cool products. They find products to feature by signing up to the RSS feeds of 100’s of different blogs and retailers around the net that feature or sell unusual products and check on a daily basis for inspiration.

Why it works?

Almost everyone who visits the site will end up on a retailers site whether they planned to or not and this sets the affiliate cookie. Even if you don’t make a purchase immediately the cookie will last for a certain duration and any purchases you make throughout that time will result in an affiliate commission being paid.

And remember the products they feature are so outlandish most will never get bought. But their business model is simply to get the affiliate cookie set and rake in commissions from the other items people DO go on to buy.

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