Ergonomic Folding Laptop Stand


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Increase your productivity on the road by creating an impromptu workspace with this ergonomic folding laptop stand. It is equipped with two integrated cooling fans and flexible legs that you can easily adjust to the desired position.

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Product Details

The Lavolta laptop table helps keep the laptop's operating temperature low and ensures a constant flow of air around it.¬†It uses active cooling methods to distribute the air silently and evenly under the base of the laptop or netbook.¬†The two silent fans powered by the laptop's USB port use so little power that they don't even affect battery life.¬†The legs make the table unique: thanks to the adjustable self-locking hinges that rotate 360 ‚Äč‚Äčdegrees, it can hold objects in a wide variety of configurations.¬†Wherever it is used - be it a table, sofa or knee - the Lavolta table offers the most comfortable typing angle and reduces tension in the neck and shoulders thanks to its unique design and shape.¬†It is also a wonderful breakfast tray!