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Facial Fitness Device


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Help maintain your youthful appearance without going under the knife with this facial fitness device. While this may seem a little silly, it was designed to tone and strengthen weak facial muscles in just two short, 30-second sessions a day.

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Product Details

• For a youthful smile, muscle training - a rhythmic face in a PAO exercise or a PAO exercise will try to strengthen your face muscles - in just 30 seconds, in activities such as dancing and PAO movements that will continue every day. • In addition to the mouth, just shake to move and then go to the muscles of the face. • Triple technology • Body supporting the PAO movement: width 54.0 - depth 6.5 - height 3.5 cm 110 g - Mouthpiece: width 4.3 - Depth 3.6 - height 4.0 cm 12 g - Body nozzle: 6.4 - 7.0 - depth height width 4.5 cm 13 g - balance bar: width 6.1 - depth 2.8 - height 1.0 cm 18 g - 2 (mint green), 23 g - 2 (pink), 28 g - 2 (pink gold) â– porch: width 11.8 Ö length 60.0 cm â– how to replace [how to do] 1 nozzle nozzle and insert the straight recess of the nozzle fully into the stem gasket. [2] Removal Hold the body while it grips the slightly darkened part of the mouthpiece and pull directly. [Note] - It will be difficult to remove the nozzle if you hold the nozzle too tightly. Please don't shoot to turn. "• Make sure that there are no objects with the correct agitation. Make sure that there are no people or pets. Please do not correct all parts of the license or misuse. Failure to do so may result in injury or damage. Please do not use it face down. Or it can no longer be the original of the movement, there is a possibility that the body will fall due to vibration. 1. I add a mouthpiece. Please hold your lips, do not mouthpiece. "2. I balanced the weights at each end and I rocked my head up and down, up and down. • It is recommended that you do the exercises by looking directly into the mirror, face to face.


  • L540mm × P65mm × A35mm / Revolutionary Excersise Machine
  • Enjoy the , Face up!
  • Face up, face up !! 
  • For a beautiful smiling face! 
  • Twice / One day. 30 seconds of exercise !! Appreciate !! 

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